You can make a difference. 


Make a Donation

Your donation allows us to give security and comfort to children in the foster care system throughout Tennessee.
Donate today! 

Make a Donation


Write a Love Note

Many children entering the foster care system feel alone and scared.  You can make a difference by having your child write Love Notes to children of the same age entering the foster care system.  A love note can be a drawing or a short letter of encouragement.

Please have your child sign the Love Notes (first name only) and bring them to our facility in ziplock bags with the age of the child written on the bag. 


Please contact us for more information about the different ways you can help us.  We can help you find the right niche appropriate for your skills.  Volunteer now and make a difference in the lives of children.

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Underwear Drive

One of the most needed items we need is diapers/underwear. 

Underwear Drives are a great way to get diapers and underwear into the suitcases for children! 

If each person donates a package of his or her own size, we get a wide variety of sizes!

New packs of underwear can be brought to our facility.  Contact us if you are interested in organizing an Underwear Drive!